Urban Lily LO

This is the LO for Megan's Friday night challenge over at Scrapbook Essentials. It's on the gallery now, so I can share it here... The challenge was to use only one manufacturer (cardstock was allowed from somewhere else). I used only Urban Lily papers and embellishments, cardstock from Bazzill. I realised after a while, that the title would be difficult to do, as I didn't have any Urban Lily alphabets. Do they actually do them? So, the LO is without a title, but the strip journalling on the bottom right is from one of their embellishment sheets. ENJOY! :)

Postat av: Hannah

Nice!! I don't think UL do letters, but could you cut letters out of some UL paper??

Postat av: Aase/ängel60

Visst är de fina urban Lily´s papper, lite svårscrappade men du har lyckats mycket bra.
Kram Aase

2007-10-31 @ 15:36:18
URL: http://angel60.blogg.se

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