My lovely sisters

As I said in an earlier post, my sister has gone back to Sweden, and that made me miss my family a little bit more that usual. So - I just had to create a LO with a photo of me and my sisters. It's from way back when - I think it was 2000 - but I love the photo, and it's a special memory.


The papers are from
Paper Pesto's december kit, as you can see you can use them for more than Christmas LO's!!! :) The leaves under all my flowers are cut out on my early Christmas present from my DARLING CRICUT!!!! Isn't he just amazing??!?!??!! I guess it's Christmas now, huh - thank you MY LOVE!

On the LO below you can see how I've played with the very cool machine... :) I've also made use of my new Nic Howard stamps. Love them!


Have still got a couple of Christmas presents to create, but I'm almost done... Thanks for looking!!!!

Postat av: Hannah

Lovely layouts! You and your sisters are so pretty and photogenic. Love the way you've used your new Cricut ... boy you are lucky to have one of those!! I know I'll never get one, so you are definitely a lucky lucky girl!!!

Postat av: carina

ÅÅ jäklarns va snyggt med bården av blommor!! gillar din stil, kanon snyggt!

2007-12-20 @ 11:34:14
Postat av: Emilia

Vilka fina och mysiga layouter du har gjort! Alltid härligt att kika in i din blogg! God jul!!

2007-12-20 @ 13:18:51

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